the real struggle in 2004


the real struggle in 2004


i wish anxiety and self doubt burned calories


[puts head in hands]Β oh god he’s so attractive

citizen: it's a bird!
citizen: it's a plane!
*superman flies down with kryptonite between his teeth*
superman: it's a metaphor

Why are people mean,
Why are people lost,
Why are people hurting others,
No matter what the cost.

Why is there so much sorrow,
Why is there so much grieve,
Why is it that we’re too blind,
To find those looking for relief.

Why are we so selfish,
Why are we so rude,
Why are we always snapping back,
With our terrible attitudes.

Why must there be heartache,
Why must there be tears,
Why must we all be tortured,
For so many years.

Why do we all cry,
Why do we all die,
Why do people never care,
If you are the silent or the shy.

Why can’t there just be love,
Why can’t we all be full of joy,
Why can’t we just be compassionate,
To every girl and boy.

Why do we all judge,
Why do we discriminate,
Why do all of us focus,
On all the cruelty and the hate.

When will we be happy,
When will we feel loved,
When will all the just things happen,
To those who put their faith in up above.

When will we be taken,
When will there be no life,
When will I get to see him,
The one who I can call mine.




Oh my god yes!

Oh my god yes!